Kentucky Addiction Centers

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment and Counseling
Monday - Friday: open 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST

Addiction Recovery and Family Education Counseling Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Available
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Medicaid and most commercial insurances accepted

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Who We Are

We Strive to provide long-term Hope, Help and Healing to those affected by alcohol and drug addiction through personalized, caring and professional recovery treatment.
  • Getting Started

    Eligibility and admission is determined in an introductory meeting and clinical assessment conducted at a Kentucky Addiction Center. Treatment is customized for each client and guided by the initial assessment. The more detailed knowledge of our client’s wellness needs, the better our treatment plan will be.
    Kentucky Addiction Centers Outpatient services are generally more affordable than inpatient programs since they do not include the expenses of room and board and other costs of inpatient programs. Most major insurances are accepted and typically cover most costs associated with outpatient treatment.

  • Our Services

    Our outpatient treatment centers offer a range of confidential treatment programs and services designed to fit each client’s needs, type and severity of addiction, and stage of recovery. Our outpatient services allow clients the freedom to continue life comfortably at home and in their community, attend work or school, and stay close to family and friends for love, encouragement and support.

    • Outpatient Services (OP)
    • Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)
    • Group Outpatient Services (GOP)
    • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Drug Replacement Therapy
    • Referral Assistance for More Specialized Services or Care
    • Drug Screening
    • Family Education

  • Our Clients

    We serve Clients with alcohol and drug addiction of all stages, including those transitioning out of inpatient therapy or looking for continuing care and prevention support. We also serve families of clients to help promote a home environment that supports health and sobriety while helping loved ones heal from the challenging effects of addiction.

  • Our Expertise

    Our staff at Kentucky Addiction Centers consists of some of the most caring, committed and experienced addiction treatment professionals in the industry. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to the following best practice therapies:

    • Reality Therapy (RT)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
    • Living in Balance & Matrix Models